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The Herman Family of Newport, Kentucky
These photographs were taken between 1890 - 1930 est.
The photographs in this series are not for sale, but are the property of the Herman Family. They are presented here for the purpose showing historic examples of the excellent quality of early photography and the artistic quality of platinum-palidium developing techniques. The originals were scanned by myself,  Randal MacNiall Bundy with a HP ScanJet 4600 in high resolution but were reduced in resolution and image size in order to accommodate the internet.

These photographs are of particular value to me, because of my personal connection with Joyce Herman-Schott. I am grateful to Doctor Edward R. and Eleanor Herman of Illinois for their kindness in allowing me to display them here.

There are many more photographs that I have yet to scan, reformat and upload and will be adding more as soon as time permits.

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