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Randal MacNiall Bundy & Savoi Studio
Professional Photographer & Videographer
Cincinnati, Ohio - Dayton, Ohio - Northern Kentucky
Telephone: (859)-491-4895 (Local Call in Cincinnati Ohio & Northern Kentucky)
- e-mail:
Individual & Family Portraits - School Portraits - Special Events - Photographic Artwork
Platinum-Palladium - Sepia Tone - Color & Black & White
Ghosts of the Midland
Very Rare - WW2 German Photograph Collection
The Herman Family of Newport, Kentucky
For those who may share an interest in Genealogy 
see: bloodroyal 
Two examples of my Portraits in 
Sepia Tone
Eyes of the Sangreal Series - 
France 1998
Meredith de Savoy of Toulouse - France 1998
Meredith de Savoy of Toulouse - France 1998
Arsinde d'Anjou of Narbonne - France 1998
Arsinde d'Anjou of Narbonne - France 1998
daughter - Gwyn - portrait in color
Portraits - Although, at present my studio is not open to the public, I am happy to make arrangements with you for a session of Portrait Photography in the relaxed setting of your own home.  Please feel free to telephone me in the evening at: (859)-491-4895 (This is a Local call in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Area but if calling from Cincinnati, you will have to use dial the area code first.  

School Photography - A great deal of my time is spent fulfilling the needs of school portrait photography through out Cincinnati, Ohio, Dayton Ohio, & Northern Kentucky Schools.  

Wedding Photography - Yes I do provide wedding photography and videoography through out the area. 

Portrait Photography at Festivals - There are certain major Festivals through out the United States & Canada in which I offer instant portraits in 4x5 and 8x10.   

Photographic Art - I attend a number of Art Festivals and Exhibits through out the United States and my Landscape & Photographic Art is displayed and is available.  

Catalogue - As soon as possible I will have a catalogue of my work on line  

New works - I am currently working on a presentation which is called "Images from the Past". This series is a vast collection of old photographs of the members of The distinguished Herman Family of New Port, Kentucky and the Schott Family of Cincinnati Ohio.  This work is not yet completed but when it is I will display them here. Some people may be familiar with my work, which is available in various New York galleries  including the well known works titled, "Ghosts of the Midland".  

I first began studying photography some time around 1975 while a student in college.  

my daughter Gwyn at about 2 years old

My Photographic Equipment
Olympus E 10 Digital
Although I do use digital cameras for some of my work, I often prefer using the older type cameras.  My favorite is my Calumet 4x5 studio / filed camera, which I find excellent for my fine art photography of Landscapes.   
My Calumet 4x5 Studio/Field